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Every Small Business Owner Deserves to Be Happy And Satisfied With Their Growth.

So, we’re on a mission.

To take business owners’ finances from a hot mess to flamin’ success. Then, thanks to their profitable business, they can make savvy decisions and design a life they love.

We're fantastic with finance, so you don't have to be.

We’re MicroChilli, kickass accountants, ready to take your finances – and your ability to understand them – from a hot mess to flamin’ success.

We’ve heard every reason for having crappy accounts: ‘baby brain’, ‘dyscalculia’ (dyslexic with numbers), ‘I’ve got no time’, and ‘I’m scared of numbers.’ 

There is NO judgement here. We’re shit with words. That’s why an expert wrote this! So, let’s stay in our expert lane and outsource what we need help with. 

There’s NO SHAME in it. Come on, say it with me, loud and proud, I NEED AN ACCOUNTANT. How good does that feel?

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Sharon sitting on a bench with a mug in her hands

Hey Beauts, I'm Sharon.

I’m a grafter—that’s a hard worker for non-Welsh folk. I know what it is to juggle a career and family, and I’m all about making life easier for other people who do the same. 

I was a single mum at 20 and determined to make a good life for me and my kids. I worked full-time and went back to uni to get my Chartered Management accounting quals and spent 20+ years in the corporate world. 

I managed accounts for the big boyos (Welsh for big business), but it was the little guys who fuelled my fire. They’re the ones who needed support to launch, grow, and succeed. 

I moved to Australia in 2013 and saw the same pattern for a few more years before getting my big girl pants on and taking the leap to do something about it.

And so MicroChilli was born – to meaningfully change the lives of entrepreneurs and small business owners. I developed a low-cost, fuss-free model as an entry point, and developed my product suite to suit the demand of the ambitious clients I picked up on this fabulous ride. 

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We value life.

A spicy life
Variety is the SPICE of life. We love to add fire and heat to business. Our fuel creates a powerful driving force.


An authentic life
We encourage genuine self-expression, fresh perspectives, and individuality. We insist on a work/life balance.


A generous life
Our words are respectful and kind. We serve our family, community, society and the environment.

smiling girl in a hat surrounded by pink flowers
black and white photo of Sharon in a hat and long skirt

We want you to feel confident in business so you can kick your ambitious goals.

We love hearing about your dreams for business and your personal life. And we know we can help you achieve them by combining your drive and expertise with our head for numbers. 

We’re super down to earth in our communication and will likely drop a few f*bombs, but we take unfucking your finances very seriously. 

Because we’re real and know our shit, and like attracts like, we build long-lasting relationships with our clients. There’s nothing better than seeing their relief and watching them win. 

rebecca roberts
“I can’t recommend Sharon enough”


Her commitment to exceptional service and her clients success is second to none.
I recommend Sharon to everyone I can and have never found a bookkeeping service I genuinely enjoy engaging with so much.

Rebecca Roberts, Little Stones Group

MicroChilli Partners.

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