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Personalised Profit First Coaching That Builds Your Personal Bank Balance and Your Business.

We’re your secret weapon for steady and sustainable growth. Let us into your financial pants, and we’ll help guarantee your profit is prioritised. How sexy is that?

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Stress-free accounts

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Pay you first

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So you can scale

Do You Leave Paying Your Salary Until Last?

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Come on now, all that hard work means you’re worth more than leftovers!

Jokes side, a healthy business pays you and your staff first, and can easily cover expenses. In that order.

So many business owners struggle to manage the finances. Especially in a way that maintains profitability and cash flow. And it’s the worst feeling in the world to not be able to pay yourself or your staff.

You don’t want to be the boss…

  • Biting their nails over bottom lines
  • Dreading opening bank statements
  • Staring at the ceiling through sleepless nights

That’s a recipe for a mental breakdown and a business going down the toilet.

And that’s not on. You go into business to be of service. To take care of your people: your staff, your family, friends and yourself. So, let’s guarantee growth.

As Featured In...

Ausmumpreneur Finalist
Brainz Magazine Contributor
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Inside Small Business
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Australian Accounting Awards 2022 Finalist
Ausmumpreneur Finalist
Brainz Magazine Contributor
Balance The Grind logo
Inside Small Business
Business Chicks
Stevie Awards Emblem
Australian Accounting Awards 2022 Finalist

Through our Profit First Coaching, we will empower you to manage money effectively, ensuring you enjoy the life you deserve.

When you learn the tools and process that we give you, you run your business in the black, and reap the personal rewards.

What does that look like?

  • Profit from every dollar you make
  • A guaranteed salary for you that feels right
  • Healthy cash flow and decision-making because of your system

This shit works!

One client saw her profit margins jump from 10% to 25% within 6 months of implementing Profit First.

Every business owner deserves to be paid first for the hard work they put in, and feel confident the cash flow will continue to grow. The Financial Wellness method takes away the confusion and stress out of managing money and gives you full clarity and control.

Ready to take charge and pay
yourself like the boss that you are?

Tenai Seymour, Founder of Ads Hous

“Learning about forecasting and
how to refer to and update it has
been priceless. I know exactly where
my business is at financially.”

– Tenai Seymour
Founder, Ads Hous

Michelle Cirson

“If I could give MicroChilli a million stars I would. Within 15 minutes they replied to my SOS and I was onboard via the auto sign up system.”

– Michelle Cirson
Founder, Tricks of Your Trade

How it Works

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1. Call us

Book a call and share where you’re at with your pain points, goals, paying yourself and your ideal salary. We figure out what you need and suggest a plan.

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2. Choose a plan

We’ll tailor a package and plan to get you to the revenue you want to make. We offer 6 – 12 month retainers to support you to hit that ideal salary.
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3. Focus on your business

Once coaching begins, we implement the system together. First for the quick wins, ensuring profit is allocated with every sale. Then, adjusting the ongoing strategy to maximise growth and sustainability.

Financial Wellness Coaching Prices

FWC Assessment

$1,495 + GST

This key unlocks your business potential.

You get the spicy ‘big reveal’ report so you know EXACTLY where the business is.

We identify where you can make MORE money and PROFIT. And HOW it can grow in the future.

FWC Monthly Coaching

$495 + GST

We all know shit gets done when we’re accountable.

So together, we set profitability GOALS and targets.

Follow steps using our TOOLS and methods to change habits and GUIDE your business to a sizzling SUCCESS.

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Mental Space

Mental space amplifies your creativity, passion, and capacity. When you ditch worrying about money, you can focus on the parts of business you love.

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Healthy Business

Healthy business leads to sustainable growth. Understanding your business’s finances allows you to make smarter decisions about hiring, marketing, and expansion.
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Better You

Better you is the leader who knows their financial foundation is solid. This ‘YOU’ is fully present in your personal life, enjoying friends, family and your abundant bank balance.

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