MicroChilli’s guide to creating financial and time freedom for online coaches and course creators.  

By Sharon

December 30, 2020
MicroChilli - creating financial and time freedom

MicroChilli’s guide to creating the ultimate goal of financial and time freedom for online coaches and course creators.


Here’s the thing.  With your business model it CAN BE great for lifestyle, but if your ultimate goal is financial & time freedom as let’s face it, that’s what most of us go into business for, it can be hard to scale to where your dream lies if you aren’t creating an asset and are just creating YOU.  What does that mean?   Well if your business is all about you, how will you ever get time freedom?


I hate to break it to you, but in order to build a savvy financially successful business, you have to learn to read your numbers and that’s where the bookkeeping comes in.


We get it, as creative entrepreneurs the last thing you want to do is your finances.  It doesn’t excite you, and it certainly doesn’t bring in the cash to fund the lifestyle you are craving.


But let’s look at the risks of not being up to date with your bookkeeping:

You risk not claiming all of your expenses.

You risk not invoicing all of your clients.

You risk fines for not being compliant and submitting your BAS on time.

You have no idea if you’re making money or not.

You can’t make informed investment decisions because you have no idea where you are with the financials.

You want to understand whether you can hire somebody to ease the burden of  never enough hours in the day, but you have no idea if you can afford it.

You don’t know whether the cash in the bank is profit.


So what if we told you this is our area of expertise.  This is how we support our online clients.  We do ALL of the bookkeeping so that you have access to real time data enabling you to make those super important decisions, like hiring your first staff member or being able to see whether that course you launched last month made a profit?  Imagine having access to that information at your fingertips.  No more overwhelm and no more stress.  An accountability buddy that will keep you on track for 2021.


If you are looking to scale in 2021 then we’d love to support you.

Book in now for a free health check and let’s get this show on the road.

Financial freedom for online course creators.



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