Turn Your Bookkeeping from Hot Mess to Flaming Success

By Sharon

September 02, 2020

Remote Bookkeeping Services

I see you!

Hey you!  Entrepreneur over there.  I see you wondering what on earth have you got yourself into.  You had an innovative, unique ‘big picture’ business vision and now you find yourself down in the weeds doing the ‘boring compliance‘ stuff.   It seems like a crazy thought that your own business was going to give you flexibility and freedom; to spend more time with your family and travel the world.  World domination was part of your dream and now you see it slipping away.

You’re an amazing creative entrepreneur not a bookkeeper! 

You love what you do.  It’s your passion.  It’s your purpose. It’s what sets your soul on fire.  But now you’re wondering if it’s all even worth it.  There’s no time to do what you love, the BAS is due and “Crap” where did you put that receipt and what was that $500 for two months ago?  Can you even claim the GST on that? 

There’s no cash in the bank

You haven’t had time to send the invoices and there isn’t enough hours in the day to get everything done.  OMG and now the baby’s crying, the kids are yelling and you can’t think straight.  Your wife/husband/partner is asking why you don’t go back to work.  At least then you could spend time with them with a guaranteed pay cheque and start helping out at home.  At this stage the dream you sold them back at the beginning is turning into a nightmare

But you don’t want to go back to the daily drudgery of the 9-5.  You don’t want to build someone else’s dreams.  What if I told you, you’ve got this.  Not everybody is cut out for this life.  If it was easy everybody would do it.  The risks are so worth it though.  The stress and overwhelm can be eliminated in a heartbeat.  Do what you love and outsource the rest. 

I love a good number story  

There’s always a story and a pattern.   As much as I don’t like to focus on historical and want to be proactive and forward thinking, historical is good for analysis on trends.  We can see the peaks and troughs in your business and work out where your pain points are.  Together we’ll work on a forecast and put measures in place that in 6 months time when there is no cash coming in, you’re already prepared.   We’ll work through your story together and recreate and tweak if we need to.  And then guess what, the baby’s no longer crying and the kids aren’t yelling because you’re present and feeling this huge amount of relief.   

We’re in it together

I’m an entrepreneur too.  I get your pain.  We all feel it.   However I’ve found if your focus is solely doing things that bring you joy, it will change the dynamics of your business.   Doing what I love, supporting micro businesses, allowing you to grow, to continue to do what you love so you can finally get that flexibility, freedom and family time you crave is what fills my cup.  So if you’re wearing too many hats, get rid of the ones that aren’t serving you.  Get rid of the ones that are making you stuck on your journey.  I’m here to partner with you.  Let’s do this

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